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Android Vs Ios which OS is the best

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 Android Vs Ios which OS is the best

Earlier there were many OS(operating systems) in the market. But nowadays there are only brands running. Around 75% of users use Android and 23% of users use Ios. Further, Android vs Ios which is best for gaming. Do you know why everyone dreams of iPhones? Now here comes a huge confusion Android vs Ios which is the best? Android vs Ios here is the easiest and simplified information. Usually, nothing is best both of them have there best features and drawbacks.

Android vs Ios

Nobody can tell you which is the best it is only you to decide. Usually, based on your requirement you choose any one of them. Don’t worry here we provide you the best and simplified information. Which OS provides you the best features. What are the drawbacks of them? Which is best for gaming. Which OS supports the best for gaming apps.

What is Android and How it works?

What is Android?

Generally, people think Android is just a smartphone the answer is no. Android is nothing but an OS(operating system) just like Windows which is based on the Linux kernel. All the applications and files are run with the help of the operating system. Here comes a question about how Android works. It is made for smartphones and tablets. Moreover to use all the applications easily which we use on the computer.

Further, Android provides you an amazing interface that is easy to use. Here android supports multiple languages. It is a multitasking operating system.  Generally, Android smartphones provide you to download the unlimited app from google play store. It is a free and open-source operating system. Can be installed on any smartphone. Moreover, it is easy for programmers and developers to make apps on Androids. As its code is easy to write.

Types of  versions of Android

Generally, there is a total of 15 different types of Android versions. Here all of them are named on sweets.

Types of Android versions

  1. Cupcake
  2. Donut
  3. Eclair
  4. Froyo
  5. Gingerbread
  6. Honeycomb
  7. Ice cream sandwich
  8. Jelly Bean
  9. KitKat
  10. Lollipop
  11. Marshmallow
  12. Nougat
  13. Oreo
  14. Pie

For instance, the amazing fact about it is all these names are in Alphabetic order.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Android vs Ios

Advantages of Android phones

  1. Google Assistant
  2. Customization 
  3. More numbers of apps 
  4. Variety in price and devices from different companies
  5. Download from anywhere( for example chrome, torrents)
  6. Any music app and easy downloading
  7. Multitaskings, for example, two apps at a time sharing half a screen
  8. All the Google services are available 
  9. SSD insertable
  10. Headphone jacks available
Disadvantages of Android phones
  1. Some applications are not safe which affects the safety of data.
  2. Background apps drain the battery.
  3. Privacy issue
  4. Lagging problems
  5. Updates are not so useful available at a different time on different devices

Understand Windows or MacBook before you regret

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What is Ios and how it works?

What is Ios?

Generally, many smartphone users want to buy an iPhone but due to its high price, they go for any other brand. Do you know why Apple devices attract people? iPhones are based on ios it stands for the iPhone operating system. Further, it provides you multi-touch interface. Ios is the second famous OS in the world. It provides you multiple gestures. Moreover, sensors are very much strong as a result zooming screen is easy.

Generally, a great feature of ios is whenever it releases a new feature. It automatically comes as an update in every Ios device. It is different from any other operating system in terms of how it keeps its apps in their protective shells. So that one app cannot affect any other app. But also it becomes a problem when you try to open any link. It also provides a solution for this in terms of permissions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Android vs Ios

Advantages of Ios

  1. Privacy (high security) cannot be hacked
  2. Apple ecosystem(high-speed transportation of files) 
  3. Fast speed because of great RAM management. Moreover, greater compatibility between software and hardware.
  4. Premium look
  5. Comes with great updates( updates are available in every ios device)

Disadvantages of iPhones

  1. Customization is not possible
  2. Less availability of apps
  3. High price
  4. Hard to make apps on ios 
  5. Spare parts are costly
  6. Only Apple accessory is available
  7. Do not support dual sim
  8. SSD slot is not available


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Android vs Ios Which is best for Gaming 

Generally, Android phones have different types of processors which are difficult for game developers to publish an update. Many Android phones make difficulties for gamers after any update. One of the main reasons why Pubg is smoother in iPhones is due to its ios updates.

Usually, a great touch response is seen in the iPhone due to great sensor quality. Generally, the game is first available in Ios comparing to Android. Android provides you more gaming apps comparing to ios. Moreover, iPhones with the help of Google provides you the best premium games.

To use any of the features in top games, you’ll have to pay regardless of the platforms used. But as already mentioned, Google’s play store has more games than Apple’s app store. So, if you’re only interested in free games. For instance, there’s more variety on an android computer to discover. Generally, if you’re not scared of investing some dollars on a good game, you’ll love iPhones. Moreover from adventure games to racing games.

The debate has been going on for a while now about whether mobile games are best played on iPhones or Android devices. On one hand, iPhone owners say they have a better OS with better games on their devices. On the other hand, the Android user agrees that the Ios app has been developed by Google and that its games are almost on par with iPhone users.


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