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PTron Bassbuds Pro Detailed Review & Specifications

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PTron Bassbuds Pro Detailed Review

The world’s lightest earbuds are in the market ‘Ptron Bassbuds Pro’. These earbuds are a pro version of Ptron Bassbuds. Let’s see what does the offer. These earbuds are available at just ₹ 1,299. Its cheap price makes me curious to find what are the specification they have. I am sure it makes you as well.

What are the touch controls? Pros and cons of Ptron Bassbuds Pro. Is it worth it to buy them? All these quires are answered by Trenderzz in a best and simplified manner.

1.What do we get inside the Box?
3.Design and Build Quality
4.Comfort Level
5.Touch controls
6.Audio and Microphone Quality
7.Battery Backup
8.Pros and Cons


What do we get in the Box?

These are some contents in the box:

  • Pair of PTron Bassbuds Pro True Wireless earbuds
  • Charing case
  • Few extra pairs of ear tips
  • Type-C charging cable
  • 1 User manual
  • A year warranty card

PTron Bassbuds Pro Specifications

  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0
  • Likewise, supports both Google voice assistant and Siri
  • True Wireless Earbuds
  • 6mm Bass Drivers
  • LCD Charging case Display
  • Smart touch controls
  • 1-year warranty

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Design and Build Quality


Ptron Bassbuds Pro comes with a pebble-shaped charging case of black color. It is simple glossy in look doesn’t shine much. At the back, there is a micro type-C charging slot. Inside it, we have a small LCD which indicates the charging percentage. The digital display alone gives an attractive look for them. Inside the case, the material used it glossy which shines excellently.

Inside the slots, we have the pair of earbuds that are tiny in size. These black earbuds are quite dark in color and are distinguished by a light black layer. Moreover, either of them has a small LED that blinks red.

Ptron Bassbuds Pro - Trenderzz

Overall, the design is quite good.

Talking about the build quality it is made up of plastics which makes them lightweight. Moreover, these are tiny as well as strong and comes with a 1-year warranty.

 Ptron Bassbuds Pro Comfort Level

These pair of earbuds are the lightest earbuds I have seen so far. They are very much comfortable. These earbuds fit the ears perfectly and have some extra ear tips too. They are not water-resistant so these must be protected from water and sweat.

Touch controls

These Ptron earbuds just like all the earbuds come with multi-touch controls. Take a look at the touch controls.

  • Touch both the earbuds for 3 seconds to switch on.
  • Tap once on either of them to play or pause the track.
  • Double-tap on the right earbud to play the next track.
  • Likewise, double tap on the left earbud to play the previous track.
  • Tap once on either of the earbuds to answer or end the call.
  • Further, to reject the call hold for 2 seconds on either of the earbuds.
  • Moreover, activate the voice assistant by tapping thrice on either of them.

Audio and Microphone Quality

Um taking about the Audio quality its average, if you are a high bass lover then this will be a bad choice. The volume is very low, at the max you cannot get a good output. Further, talking about the mids and low, they are quite clear. But the high does not sounds thumping.

Moreover, these earbuds come with a 6mm Bass driver which is not enough to deliver a great bass output. Further, it can deliver output at only 3 meters of the range which is to short.

I have tested these earbuds with 8D songs, I found average instrumental separation. Moreover, taking about the lags, there are many during online games. Overall, the sound system is average.

Further, taking about Microphones now, they are vulnerable at the core. Very poor microphone quality. During voice calls the person at the other end is not at all able to hear me properly.  These Chinese earbuds have shown their true features now.

Overall, PTron has failed very badly in this department.


PTron Bassbuds Pro: Battery Life 

At the price of ₹ 1,299, it is unfair to expect more battery life but this is not sufficient at all. Further, taking a look towards some details features regarding battery life:

  • Comes with a 400mAh batter life for the Charging Case
  • Which can deliver 11-12 hours of battery backup?
  • Either of the earbuds comes with a 40 mAh battery life
  • Which can give 2-3 hours of Playtime
  • Further, it takes 1.5 hours to charge them fully

Overall, the battery backup is too low for daily use. Moreover, you cannot charge them, again and again, every time, which I think is very irritating.


What are Pros and Cons Of

Ptron Bassbuds Pro

I don’t think it is necessary to mention the Pros and Cons as you have been already read the above part. But, for your convenience, I don’t want to miss out on a single point for my viewers. So, take a look:


  • Attractive Digital Display
  • Cheap
  • Also, Lightweight


  • Poor Synchronization 
  • Less battery life
  • Average sound system
  • Likewise, the worst microphone quality
  • Looks are average
  • Moreover, they are not  water-resistant


Verdict: Is it wot to Buy Ptron Bassbuds Pro

To keep this review an honest review, it is a crime to even think to buy them. Yes, these are cheap ones but at the same time, they are worthless. What a user wants in earbuds a beautiful sound system, a powerful battery life, an attractive look. All these are missing here.

Moreover, it is up to you if you still wants to buy them here is the link.

Click here to buy PTron Bassbuds at just ₹ 1,299.

I hope this blog helps you. If you have any suggestions drop in the comment box.

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