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Seven Types of SEO and SEO Techniques you must know

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ITypes of SEO and SEO Techniques

Are you searching for methods that help you grow your site? What are the types of SEO? Not everyone has complete knowledge about types of SEO. There are 4 types of SEO: on-page, off-page, Technical, and voice search SEO. Moreover, there are 3 SEO techniques: white hat, black hat, and grey hat SEO.

What are techniques used in the White hat, Black hat, and Grey hat SEO? Is Grey hat SEO safe? Why White hat SEO is preferred for the long term? All there queries have been answered below. Here is the best and simplified information trenderzz presents.

Generally, SEO is a vast topic, one needs to know all about the types of SEO to be professional. It organically helps in ranking and tells you all the mistakes. Moreover, you will know what guidelines you must not break.

Generally, every business is holding some digital platform to grow it. SEO is very important for a business to rank on the first page. Moreover, this only possible when they follow all the search engine guidelines.

What are Google’s Guidelines? Further, there is a list of Google guidelines. Google webmaster guidelines.

According to a survey, around 40% of the internet is used on Google. As a result, Search engines especially Google need a good quality of content for users to provide a better service. So that the users be regular. For instance, they are very concerned about the user’s convenience.

Types of SEO Techniques

Types of SEO Techniques -trenderzz

Generally, there are 3 types of SEO Techniques. These are White Hat, Black Har, and Grey Hat SEO. It is important to know the difference between them. One must know before using any of them. What is the difference between them?

White Hat SEO(Ethical SEO)

Generally, White hat SEO is often known as Ethical SEO. As it follows all the search engine guidelines. It is a long process one has to wait for some 3-6 months. But it the only organic way to rank on top. Moreover, it has long terms benefits.

1. High-Quality Content: one must focus on the quality of the content in such a way that the user does not have to go anywhere else. The search engine should know that your content is user friendly and can give a good impact. The more queries you solve the more chances to rank.

2. Long posts: If your content is long say 2000 words or above then it will be in a good position to rank. Surely it will take time to rank. But here you are not writing the content for the search engines you are writing it for the visitors. You should not forcefully extend the word limit it should be natural and relevant.

3. Social bookmarking: It’s quite similar to backlinking. in this you manually submit your blog to the top websites. It helps you rank naturally.

4. Manual blog(paid): You can invest in some manual blogs for your websites which is completely ethical. This is optional if you want then it is 100% safe.

5. Guest Postings: In this, there is a mutual preparation of content for the bloggers of your same niche by simply contacting them.  You simply exchange links for the content. Moreover, it is a healthy tactic that will help you rank for the long term.

Uses infographics, videos, ebooks, and well-optimized images.

6. HTML Optimization: All the messy code and blank space should be removed.

Black Hat SEO(Unethical SEO)

Black Hat SEO uses

1. Keyword stuffing: using unnecessary keywords that have little or no relevance to the content. To rank on top. Google catches it after some weeks. That’s why black hat SEO is considered to be short term. In this one will simply put 40-50 keywords that are not even related to there content.

2.Spamming: commenting on every site, Phishing, etc. Spamming blogs, articles, and forums. In this one copies content, links to the same site many times.

These are some tools that one should stay away: SEnuke, XRumer, GSA Search engine ranker.

3. Article scrapping: Many article scrapping tools will simply scrape content from other sites. and manipulate it. You can further customize it.

4. Autoblog: It will automatically take content from other websites using RSS Feed. It is mainly a type of spamming. In this, you manipulate other’s content as if it is yours. WP RSS aggregator is one of the tools which you can use in WordPress.

5. Hidden text/links: People often hides some text and link which falls under Black Hat SEO. The search engine will find it and charge you some penalty. Further, your post can be permanently deleted from the search engine.

6. Backlinking Softwares/buying links: Spending money on buying links fall under Black Hat SEO. Generally, people buy link which is not relevant to there niche.

7. Cloaking: In this type of Black hat SEO one use some content for only users. And different content for search engines. Moreover, this is the most frequently practiced tactic.

8. Sneaky Redirects: It will simply send you to any other URL than the one you have clicked for. Moreover, it is against Google’s guidelines.

9. Rich snippets: Generally rich snippets are good for SEO until there is no not relevant content to fool search engines.


Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO lies between White Hat SEO and Black hat SEO. They are not against the Search Engine guidelines and are technically correct. Before knowing about Grey Hat SEO you must be thorough about White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

1. Link building: Building links to an extent where it does not falls under Black hat SEO. It lies between white hat and black hat when done in the limit.

2. Keyword stuffing: Putting keywords within some limits so that they do not fall under Black Hat SEO. One can put some amount of extra keywords.

3. Purchasing Old domain: Buying a high authority domain is a good practice for backlinking. It is good only when the domain is of high authority. There should not be any Google’s penalty.

4. Duplication of content: Firstly, content copying lies under Black Hat SEO unless properly manipulated. Many tools will generate someone to content to fresh content. But it should be done in some limit. Only when it is too hard to prepare some content.

Moreover, all the grey hat SEO techniques are risky unless you know what’s the limit. Generally, it will provide you better results but that might be for the short term. For instance, Grey hat SEO works against search engines but follows all the webmaster’s guidelines.

Why Choose SEO(Search Engine Optimization) as a Career

SEO as a Career -trenderzz


Do you want to make a career in Digital marketing? Should you choose SEO as a Career or not. Is SEO as a Career have a bright future. Designations of SEO. Salary for SEO jobs. Why it is so important in digital marketing.

Types of SEO

Types of SEO -trenderzz

There are four types of SEO these are On-page SEO, Of-page SEO, Technical SEO, and Voice search SEO.

On-Page SEO


Generally, On-Page SEO is a process that involves the optimization of sites in all departments. All the activities did before posting a post. To correct all the SEO points. Here are some of the on-page SEO  factors. It is responsible for the on-page content. For instance, it includes title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions, etc.

On-page SEO -trenderzz

1. Site speed: site speed is the basic and foremost factor for your SEO. All the files like pdf, docs, images, etc must be well compressed and optimized so that it helps improve your site’s speed.

2. SEO writing: your SEO must be fully green or say completely correct. No matters you use Yoast SEO or SEO All in one. A well and relevant Meta description, usage of tags, Image alt tag, etc.

3. High-quality content: There should not be any grammatical mistakes. Try to use more heading tags from H1-H6. Each heading should have a description. Try to write high-quality content using bold letters, images, etc to minimize the bounce rate.

4. Update content regularly: Don’t forget to update your content with the time that will be helpful. Do not forcefully use keywords that will sound unnatural.

Of-Page SEO –Types of SEO

Generally, Off-page SEO is responsible for your site’s reputation. Moreover, it is a very important type of SEO that helps Search engines to know about what visitors think about your site. Moreover, does the public like your content or not. It includes many techniques to build a high reputation.

Of-page SEO -Types of SEO-trenderzz

Generally, helps you to grab organic traffic. Organic traffic which helps you rank on search results. It helps you go closer to your desired targets. Moreover, the factors that are not in on-page SEO like link building, social presence, and many more.

  1. Backlinks: If you link to someone’s site its backlink for. When someone link to your site it is a backlink for you. Backlinks help you in the ranking. Backlinks from high authority websites will help you appear in search results.
  2. Directory Submission:

    It brings a great opportunity to grab directory visitors. When your site is submitted to any directory site, you can generate traffic from that particular site. There are many directory sites. Here is the list directory submission sites list.

  3. Social Bookmarking: with the help of directory submission, we get do-follow backlinks. We must balance our no-follow and do-follow backlink’s ratio. So that it is not considered as spamming. Social Bookmarking is nothing but we simply generate a link of our site on their sites(social networking sites). 
  4. Blog commenting: Find out the best blogs of your niche and comment down giving you a link by describing in some words. 
  5. Article submission: In this technique, you simply submit your article to any article submitting directories( famous third party websites).
  6. Social media: Generally, social media for your site is to increase popularity and reputation. It is a beautiful platform to promote your site. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  7. Guest Posting: Without registering your self on any site and creating a post for our site. Generally, it is a no-follow link.
  8. Review posting
  9. Video sharing: Generally, promote your business through video sharing is a very convenient and beneficial way. 

Technical SEO –Types of SEO

Technical SEO -types of SEO -trenderzz

These are the factors of Technical SEO.

  1. Mobile-friendly site: website should be mobile-friendly as many searches are done by mobile. For instance, If your site is lagging in mobile then it is an error for your technical SEO.
  2. Google Search Console & Google Analytics: Use Google Search Console to submit your XML site maps which comes under Technical SEO. And rectify all the errors mentioned by Console. Use Google Analytics to check the bounce rate, visitors & their country, etc.
  3. Website design: Use all the pages like about us and contact the use page correctly. Avoid animations that are not mobile-friendly. 
  4. Website speed: Site speed must be good it should not be to slow. For instance, Compress all the images. Further, Use simple themes so that they do not have huge sizes. 
  5. SSL certificate: Firstly your site must have an SSL certificate. Make sure if you are using both HTTP and https then Google will consider it as two different sites. Moreover, that will fall under duplicate content.

Voice Search SEO –Types of SEO

Voice Search SEO -types of SEO-trenderzz

Generally, voice search SEO is the latest type of SEO. Generally, it is swift and speedy. It is essential to optimize voice search SEO. Further, voice search helps users immediately they do not have to check each link and open it and read. It simply reads the description for you.

So it is very important to optimize your site to voice search SEO. To optimize click on the link below.

How to optimize voice search SEO


I hope this blog helps you. If you have any suggestions drop in the comment box.

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