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Why Seo As A Career Is at Top

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Why Choose SEO(Search Engine Optimization) as a Career

Should you choose SEO as a Career or not. Is SEO as a Career have a bright future. Designations of SEO. Salary for SEO jobs. Why it is so important in digital marketing.

Generally, with the rapid increase in internet users demands more online services. It sector has almost replaced the human sector. For instance, today, every sector, job, startups have an IT department. Any job aspirant with IT knowledge will be given more priority. Moreover, people are now aware of the online marketing. Generally, every startup needs the help of the internet to grow to the next level.

Moreover, every single service is on a digital platform. Therefore, the demand for SEO specialists in the market is high. As everyone wants to rank on the first page. What is SEO? Here is the best and simplified information.

SEO as a Career -trenderzz


1.What is SEO?
2.Designations of SEO
3.Salary of SEO jobs
4.How to achieve Handsome income
5.Future of SEO
6.Qualifications for SEO

What is SEO? – SEO as a Career

Generally, if your thinking to make your career in Digital Marketing you need to understand what is SEO. SEO stands for Search engine optimization this was just a full form. Generally, if you are a YouTuber or own a website you know-how much SEO helps you in traffic. Now one thing comes to your mind about how to generate traffic.

Moreover, traffic can be generated in three ways they are Social media, Ads, and Organic search.  For instance, social media can give only some limited amount of traffic and Ads consume more money. Here there is only one way that is organic search. If someone is searching a  particular keyword and for that keyword, your website ranks on the first page. As a reult,  you will surely get good traffic.

SEO is nothing but an organic way which helps you in ranking your content to generate organic traffic. Moreover, if you have well optimized your site which is SEO friendly then it is not tough to rank.

SEO works on guidelines of the respective Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. There are three types of SEO. These are a White hat, Black Hat, and Grey Hat SEO.


Designations of SEO -SEO as a Career

First of all, SEO is not a job its a skill-based career. Here your growth depends upon your skills and experience. Here is the SEO designation which you must know.

1.SEO trainee:

It is the lowest designation in an SEO career. It likes fresher without any experience.  Generally, many companies accept SEO trainee. The company will provide training plus a basic salary. Moreover, they have to sign a company bond. According to the bond you have to do the job for that company for the respective years that the bond mentions.


2.SEO Executive:

The next designation after SEO trainee is an SEO Executive. Generally, SEO executives have to handle keyword research according to the latest keyword. Handles both on-page and off-page SEO for the client. Suggests better SEO friendly content to the content writing team. Good knowledge about Google analytics and the latest strategies in Search Engine Marketing. There are two categories Junior and Senior Seo Executive depending upon the experience.

3.SEO Analyst:

It is an important post of a Digital Marketing Team. The role is to make sure that the site is visible in the search. Also, suggests an analysis of the content research and the competitor’s research. Moreover, it also handles Profile Backlinks.

4.Link Building Expert:

From the name itself, you can give an idea about the role. Generally, the Expert has to build do-follow backlinks to the other sites. Google algorithm keeps evolving so it is important to have a good quality of links. It helps in getting traffic and helps in ranking. It is a very important part of any Business and Marketing. With the help of a backlink, the Search engine will know about the quality of the content.

5.SEO Project Manager:

SEO Project Manager is responsible for handling multiple client accounts. Manages all the SEO departments. Works under the deadlines to ensure the Client’s expectations. Communicates regularly with the client via SMS, mails, and calls. Good communications with the content writing team, Analysts, executives, and Link builders.

6.SEO Specialist:

A search engine optimization Specialist has the responsibility to make the website visible in the search. He has to improve traffic for ranking on top. SEO specialists must have good command upon the quality content. Also, will analyze for improvements of the site and keyword research.

7.Adwords Specialist:

An Adword specialist creates Adword ads that will reflect partner sites, mobile ads. Sets up PPC( Pay per click). Manages keywords that will be resulted in the Ads. For instance,suggests bidding on the keywords.

8.Analytics Expert:

An analytics expert must be an expert in data research and analysis. Complete knowledge in web analyzing tools like Google Analytics, Google search console, and WebMaster. Suggests the improvements in Polices that the analytics tools mentioned. Also, must know the Best performance of the site.

9.Digital Marketing Manager:

Generally, manages all the Digital Marketing strategies. It is a very important post in any IT company. As he gives good result-driven strategies. Trains the whole digital marketing team. Manages the company’s social media handles. Checks Analytics and SEO and provides a report. For instance, makes a future marketing plan for the company for better results.

10.SEO Consultant:

Generally, an SEO consultant is the most experienced person in the whole Digital marketing career. For instance, he consults the businessmen about Digital Marketing and rankings.  Moreover, to know about SEO consultants in detain click on continue.

Salary of SEO job -SEO as a Career

Generally, Salary in a Digital marketing career depends on some major factors. These are some factors

  • Location
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • The organization you are going to work
  • Language known
  • Also, the organization you have worked with

Taking a look at the basic sales of some SEO designations.

Generally, salary is not fixed here you get a salary according to the above-mentioned factors.

  • Generally, an SEO trainee as a fresher gets 8-12K per month.
  • SEO executive gets a salary between 12-24K per month depending on the organization you work.
  • An SEO Analyst gets 24-40K per month.
  • The SEO project manager gets a salary of about 50K+ increases with work experience.
  • Generally, DM manager gets above 50-100K per month and also above.

Here is a beautiful blog describing the salary in Digital marketing briefly. To know about the Digital Marketing salary in detail click here.

How to achieve Handsome income -SEO as a Career

Generally, to achieve a handsome income in a Digital marketing career you must have the followings skills.

  • Good communication skills
  • Content writing
  • Certificates in Digital Marketing( SEO, Google analytics, Fundamental of Digital Marketing, etc)
  • Web designer(WordPress, Front end developer)
  • Graphic designer( Photoshop,illustrator,etc)
  • Also, Experience

If you have these many skills then you easily get a handsome income in a Digital marketing career.

Future of SEO 

Generally, the future of SEO is everlasting. SEO is not a job it is a skill. It has a very bright future. You can earn sitting at home. If your skills and experience in Digital Marketing you will never stop getting passive income.

Future of SEO- trenderzz

SEO as a career will never make you suffer from the financial crisis. Moreover, in the coming years, the salary in digital marketing will increase. For instance, if you have a good experience you can get a luxurious life.

You can also travel throughout the world. Also, you can get a job anywhere in the whole world.

I hope this blog helps you. If you have any suggestions drop in the comment box.

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Why Seo As A Career Is at Top
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Why Seo As A Career Is at Top
Should you choose SEO as a Career or not. Does SEO as a Career have a bright future? Designations of SEO. Salary for SEO jobs. Myths about SEO...
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