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Windows or MacBook

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Understand Windows Or MacBook Before You Regret

Thinking to buy a PC or a Laptop. Struggling to choose between Windows or Mackbook. Don’t worry here we provide the best and simplified information. Here we are going to describe the advantages and disadvantages of Windows or MacBook. Nowadays most of the laptop users are students. Laptops are a must for students than textbooks nowadays. From completing a normal college project to a big important program requires the help of any operating system.

Windows or MacBook

The second most users are an employee. From browsing to completing their projects. Laptops are a must to their needs. Now comes a question of whether to buy a Windows or a MacBook. What are the advantages and disadvantages of them? Wasting no time lets first talk about Windows.


What are the windows? 

Windows are the product of MS-DOS(Microsoft Disc Operating System). Firstly it was all based on DOS applications. Talking about varieties in windows. Here windows provide vast varieties according to your work and budget. It provides you variants as per your need. You can modify or say customize your devices as per your need. Talking about windows PC(Personal computer) if it has an i3 processor it can be upgradeable to i5 or i7. What is i3 vs i5 vs i7 difference?


Here the operating system in Windows is built by Microsoft. But the hardware is built by many other companies. In Windows, Microsoft is the only company to built software but there are many companies to built hardware. For example, Dell, Acer, Hp, etc. Because of this reason, the functionality of Windows becomes slow as compared to Mac. Depending upon which hardware company device it belongs. As both software and hardware do not match Windows takes time to open.

Why windows are suffering from viruses

A virus is nothing but in simple words, it is a type of software made for destroying the Operating system. As the quantity of Windows in the market is more comparing to Mac. Hackers make viruses for Windows. Because of this reason, one must use anti-virus. If your device is not having any anti-virus it would be problematic in the future.

Why Windows laptops are considered as best for Gamers

If you are a heavy gamer then you must go for Windows. Because Windows allows you to customize your device. For example, if you want to increase your storage you can add an HDD in it. It is very easy to upgrade Windows laptop comparing to MacBook.

Windows or MacBook Advantages and disadvantages


  1. Easy to upgrade
  2. Best for gamers
  3. Wide variety
  4. Budget oriented
  5. The service center is easily available
  6. Trust factor


  1. Heavy wait
  2. Poor compatibility between hardware and software
  3. Premium looks are seen in only high-cost devices
  4. Less battery backup

Top 10 best apps for Windows. 

Do you know which apps we can use for windows? Here is the list of top 10 best apps for Windows. Click on the above link.



What is the MacBook?

Every programmer wants to use the MacBook once in his life. MacBook is the product of Apple. The operating system of Mac is built by Apple itself. Talking about its software and hardware both are built by Apple itself. Which helps them both match and perform tasks efficiently. As a result, great compatibility is seen between software and hardware. Because of this reason, MacBook opens faster once after folding.  This is the main reason why all the programmers after some time switch to MacBook. Here you can experience a premium look.



Why MacBook is considered best for students

Generally, software engineers and students belonging to technical fields. If you don’t have any budget problem then you can choose the MacBook. It is a lightweight laptop that helps students a lot while traveling. If you are a student it helps you a lot in many ways. A student has to carry it all day. MacBook is safe it does not require any antivirus. It provides you the best security tools. MacBook is SSD based device that makes it faster and smoother. SSD VS HDD DIFFERENCE. Overall it provides you a great interface. According to a survey, Macbook has longer life comparing to Windows. Apple provides you the best experience in every sector like trackpads(touchpad), speaker, display, etc.

Battery Life Of MacBook

Apple MacBook provides a great experience in terms of battery life. Around 12hrs of battery backup is available in it.  It is best for the Video, Photo editors. For instance, it based on SSD storage as a result battery consumption is less. As a result, it is long-lasting you can use it for years without any inconvenience.

Windows or MacBook Advantages and disadvantages


  1. Premium look
  2. Great compatibility between Hardware and Software
  3. High battery backup up to 12hrs plus.
  4. High security no need to use any Antivirus
  5. Lightweight
  6. Amazing interface
  7. Best for video and audio editors



  1. High price
  2. Cannot upgrade Hardware
  3. Not for Gamers


List of  Top 11 best apps for MacBook

Click on the above link. Here are the top 11 apps which we can use for MacBook.

Windows or MacBook which is best

At last, if you are a normal user who just begins to use computers you can go for Windows. If you work such things as normal browsing, MS office, Data entry, Heavy games, etc. Then you must go to the windows. Also if your budget is low. Further, if you travel a lot you need a lightweight device. Then you can go for the MacBook. Generally, software in windows is built by MS, and hardware is built by other companies. As a result, some devices have poor compatibility between software and hardware and some have decent.

Generally, if you don’t have any budget issue you must go for MacBook. Finally, it provides you overall a great interface and display. Here you get a premium look which is only seen in high price windows. Here you get a great battery backup. Further, both software and hardware are built by Apple you experience great compatibility between software and hardware. As a result, your devices work faster. Although, it an SSD storage based device.



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