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Wings Powerpods Specifications & Review

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Wings Powerpods Specifications & Review 

TWS TWS TWS These days so many brands started launching True Wireless earphones, each brand brings some unique features. As a result, users are confused between many of them. Wings launch Powerpods TWS earphones at ₹ 4,299/-. Today, we gonna talk about Wings Poerpods Specifications. Wings Powerpods specifications are mainly based on Battery life.

Generally, users make blunt decisions while purchasing any electronic gadgets. To avoid issues related to the gadgets Trenderzz provides honest reviews about the respective gadget in the best and simplified manner.

Wings Powerpods have a Beast Battery Backup and a great digital display. There are some major audio quality issues. We will talks briefly about them. What are the factors you must know before buying any earbuds, what are the pros and cons? Some key specifications, design, comfort, battery backup? All these doubts and queries will be answered so read till the end.


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1.What do we get inside the box?
5.Audio Quality & Microphone
6.Battery Backup
7.Pros and Cons

Wings Powerpods Specifications: What do we get inside the Box?

  1. Pair of Wings Powerpods TWS earphones
  2. Charging case
  3. Type-C charging cable
  4. Some extra pair of ear tips
  5. User Manual

Wings Powerpods Specifications

  • 50 hours of powerful battery life
  • Responsive touch sensor
  • Digital display and Battery
  • Works as Powerbank too
  • Also, IPX5 water resistance


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Wings PowerPods comes with a digital display charging case which makes users more attractive. Generally, any earbud’s charging case doesn’t bring this concept. The LED helps you by displaying the battery percentage. Further, The digital display makes its look stand out. Inside this beautiful case, we get those earbuds with LED ring lights that blink simultaneously. The earbuds are quite small in size and lightweight. Wings PowerPods -trenderzz

The charging case is quite heavy, but the case works as a power bank too. At the back of the case, you get the  USB and Type-C slot.

Wings Powerpods specifications -trenderzz

That is an amazing feature. Each of the buds has Whings ‘W” logo on it. Through which you can use touch controls. The case is magnetic which perfectly holds the buds as a result they don’t fall.

Moreover, the full design is based on LED lights and Display which attracts many users. But some times it is very irritating that you cannot switch off those  Green LED ring lights on the buds. Overall, the design and look are premium and too shiny.

Comfort – Wings Powerpods Specifications

Wings Powerpods are very much comfortable and easy to use. Further, they are protected by IPX5 water resistance and fit perfectly. As a result, doesn’t make any inconvenience while running, gymming, etc. Also, there are some extra ear tips so that you can use at your convenience.

Further, the earbuds are quite lightweight which doesn’t make you feel any extra load.

Touch controls are very easy and make almost every function. To use the touch controls follow these steps:

  • To connect or disconnect just open or close the case
  • Play or pause the music with a single tap
  • Use Google assistant by tapping three times
  • To play the next track double tap on the right earbud
  • For the previous track double tap on the left earbud
  • Increase volume by holding the right bud for some seconds
  • Decrease volume by holding the left bud for some time

Overall, the touch functionality is very responsive and does almost every task.

Audio Quality & Microphone

Now talking about the Audio quality it performs well in all departments but lags in one.

  • Audio quality is pretty good
  • Each vocal are clear
  • No distortion of sound
  • Mids a low is quite clear
  • But the bass is not so strong. There are supported by an 8mm bass driver which is not enough for a loud bass. Here Wings gets failed. If you can compromise with the bass then it is cool.
  • Moreover, not at all Good while gaming, you cannot use them with any online games. Lots of sound lags are observed.

Taking about the Microphone:

  • It has an HD microphone
  • Microphone quality is normal
  • Moreover, there no issue with the microphones

Wings Powerpods Specifications: Battery Backup

Wings are powerful in the battery backup department.

  • You get a 50mAh battery in each of the buds which gives 5 to 6 hours of Playtime.
  • Earbuds alone are charged fully in one hour. 
  • No fast charging support
  • Further, the charging case comes with a 2500mAh battery life and works as a power bank.
  • Here the case helps you to charge the buds 10 times when charged only once.

Overall, battery life is a beast.

Wings Powerpods Specifications:  Pros and Cons

To keep this review honest there are many cons than pros. Let’s see some of them.


  • Powerful Battery Life
  • Premium look
  • Displays the battery life accurately
  • Moreover, these are Lightweight
  • Also, Easy touch controls


  • No app support
  • High price
  • Generally, too much lags with online games such as PUBG
  • Here, sound quality is normal but many other brands are advanced
  • Also, Low bass 
  • Moreover, could have given a powerful bass driver


To be genuine these earbuds could have come up with a better version. The MRP is around 9000 but it is available in 4,299/- which tells many things. To be honest, you can wait for this brand with something great or buy any other buds. They have compromised with sound too much.

To be more sensible, if you buy them I guarantee you will never use them as a power bank. Moreover, everyone has a power bank if don’t there is many power bank available now with around 20K to 30KmAh battery. Further, these types of features will make difficulty after some time of use. Likewise, if any small damage will occur it will lead to loss of them fully.

I hope this blog helps you. If you have any suggestions drop in the comment box.

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